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Shaping the landscape

honouring the Past,

living the Present,

forging our Future.

who we are 

Cassandra resonates with compassion, resilience, and a profound commitment to making a difference. As the founder of It’s Time Events she has catalyzed change, serving as an influential community leader and visionary.


Beyond her role in organizing impactful events, Cassandra is a devoted wife, nurturing mother, and passionate foster parent. Her story is one that encapsulates the power of empathy, determination, and the unwavering belief that it is indeed time for positive change.

Cassandra Auguste-Rene


A path way towards excellence

These seven remarkable women have work diligently to bring you the 3rd edition of Ottawa's 3rd Black Business Expo.


A groundbreaking showcase of entrepreneurship and empowerment. With unparalleled dedication and creativity, they're curating an event that celebrates black excellence, fosters community connections, and amplifies the voices of diverse businesses.


Through meticulous planning and unwavering passion, they're shaping an unforgettable experience that uplifts and inspires all who attend.

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